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Whether you’re new to malpractice insurance or just need a quick refresh, our Malpractice 101 content can help you understand the three factors to making a good decision:


Learn the difference between policy types and which one is right for you.


Discover how to choose between carriers and which stats to compare.


See how your annual premium is calculated and why value is more important than price.

We've got you covered.

A MedPro policy has it all — and then some. Here’s what our standard malpractice coverage includes.
  • More control during the claims process
    Should a claim go to trial, you’ll have a say in whether or not we settle thanks to our pure consent policy provision.
  • Extra dollars for claims defense
    We pay defense costs without using your policy limits, leaving more dollars to protect your good name.
  • Coverage into retirement
    You’ll get free tail coverage when you retire, regardless of your age.
  • Discounts for practicing safely
    Get annual premium discounts for taking CE courses and avoiding claims.
  • Salary reimbursement during a claim
    We help ease your burden during a claim by reimbursing you for any time you may have to take off work.
  • Coverage for an increasingly digital world
    Our cyber liability coverage helps you manage your digital risk.

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